About Us

Our story begins 12 years ago in Quebec, Canada, with the introduction of NeuroSpa—an innovative technology that quickly gained acclaim in the hotel and spa industry. Originally integrated into the most comfortable zero-gravity chairs, specifically created for the technology, this patented technology became a sought-after asset in the hospitality sector, associating itself with the most renowned establishments in Canada.

Notably, the hotel and spa industries embraced NeuroSpa, incorporating it as a premium relaxation amenity. Businesses began selling individual sessions, allowing guests to experience the rejuvenating effects of NeuroSpa within the tranquil ambiance of their establishments.

Gilbert Bouchard and his son Simon Bouchard-Lévesque, the visionary inventors and manufacturer behind NeuroSpa, dreamt of taking this patented technology into hotel beds while ensuring affordability for consumers. Recognizing its profound impact on relaxation and improved sleep, Gilbert set out to perfect an amazing technology for more people to benefit.

Fast forward to 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, a new version of the technology emerged. Designed to be seamlessly inserted under a mattress, this iteration promised an even more significant impact. Following extensive test marketing in Canada, the result is WaverBed—a product meticulously refined to deliver a high-quality experience that exceeds guest expectations. Driven by a vision, Gilbert aimed to develop a device that didn't take up any additional space and could be easily integrated into any hotel or home, creating a major opportunity for the global hospitality industry to improve their guest experience and to add a significant boutique sale opportunity.