Meet the Team


Gilbert Bouchard Founder

Gilbert Bouchard is an innovative entrepreneur and inventor with a passion for creating exceptional products in the audio and relaxation industries. With a track record of success, Gilbert has revolutionized the way people experience sound and relaxation through his groundbreaking inventions. Gilbert's journey began with the creation of Messina speaker brand. With the help of his talented designer wife Joëlle Levesque, Messina, a high-end speaker gained a great popularity across Canada. Messina became renowned for its exceptional sound quality / design and was sold through various retail outlets. Customers seeking the ultimate sound system were drawn to Messina, making it a resounding success. Building on his achievements, Gilbert joined forces with his son Simon to create another groundbreaking product, Neurospa. This invention took the hotel and spa industry by storm, offering a unique relaxation experience. Neurospa gained worldwide recognition and held a patent for its innovative technology. Even today, it continues to be utilized within the hospitality industry, serving as a relaxation device for guests seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. In September 2020, Gilbert embarked on a new mission to revolutionize the offerings in the hospitality industry while making luxurious comfort more affordable. This led to the creation of Waverbed, a perfected bed unit derived from the Neurospa brand. Waverbed represents a fusion of comfort, luxury, and innovation, catering to both businesses and consumers alike. With his extensive experience in creating exceptional products and his dedication to pushing boundaries, Gilbert Bouchard continues to make a significant impact in the audio and relaxation industries. His commitment to providing the best possible experiences.


Mark Baird President & CEO

Mark Baird is an accomplished individual with a diverse background in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. He graduated from Kansas State University 1990, earning a degree in marketing. Mark went on from college and embarked on a successful career in sales management with the Pioneer division of Dupont for 26 years. In 2012 , Mark decided to explore his entrepreneurial spirit and opened franchises in the Oklahoma territory with Nothing Bundt Cakes. Most recent he has worked with GSS, Labs in Quebec, Canada to develop the WaverBed technology and run the Worldwide Distribution efforts of this marvelous technology. Mark and his wife Janelle reside in Lenexa, Kansas. In their free time they enjoy gardening and Kansas State sporting events.


Dave Rudicel Director of Accounting & Finance

Dave is a retired Tax partner from Price Waterhouse Insurance practice, with over 30 years of financial services tax experience. Dave has worked with multiple larger financial services clients, providing tax planning strategies and coordinating global tax resources. He has expertise in tax accounting, process improvement and merger and acquisition transactions. He joined Price Waterhouse in 1989, became a partner in 2000 and retired in 2020. Dave holds a B,S in Accounting from Kansas State University. In his free time he enjoys woodworking and Kansas City Chiefs football games.


Etienne Privé Head of Engineering

Etienne Privé is a passionate electrical engineer with 25 years of experience in developing products for wellness and safety. His personal values encompass innovation, quality, and respect. Throughout his illustrious career, Etienne has played a crucial role in designing more than 150 electronic products across diverse markets, including electrical safety equipment, non-destructive testing devices, strain-gauge-based micro-strain measurement systems, and systems for the mining industry.

As a co-founder of Neurospa products, he took charge of developing the product's electronics and software. Additionally, Etienne is an entrepreneur, managing his own company, Conception Électronique Privé Inc., which has been operating since 2012 with a team of 15 employees. The company specializes in the design of various electronic products, particularly test benches and certification systems. Etienne has established collaborative relationships with world-class electronics assembly and raw materials supply companies.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Etienne is involved in education. He teaches in the electrical engineering department at Limoilou College and has successfully trained over 200 technicians. His commitment to education reflects his dedication to sharing knowledge and expertise in the field.


Mike Andrade Director of Operations

Mike Andradre is an accomplished professional with an impressive 38-year track record in the automobile industry. Throughout his career, he has owned and operated multiple successful dealerships, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the business.  One of Mike's notable contributions to the automobile industry is his role as a software developer of leasing programs specifically designed for subprime customers. Recognizing the unique needs and challenges faced by this customer segment, Mike utilized his technical skills and deep understanding of the industry to create innovative leasing solutions. His software programs have not only facilitated access to vehicles for subprime customers but also streamlined the leasing process, making it more efficient and customer-friendly. .Moreover, his commitment to providing exceptional customer service has earned him a loyal customer base and a reputation for delivering top-notch experiences.  Additionally, his ability to scale businesses has allowed him to expand his dealership portfolio and establish a strong presence in the industry. Outside of his professional endeavors, Mike Andrade is a dedicated family man who values spending quality time with his loved ones.


Alain Lemay Composer

Alain Lemay is a pianist, composer, and producer dedicated to crafting music that promotes well-being. Recognized for collaborative work with Micheline Allaire, their creative synergy led to a unique musical collection distributed on 100,000+ CDs in Canada, the USA, and South Korea. Currently, Alain is immersed in producing innovative creations for the revolutionary WAVERBED system. His expertise lies in creating music that resonates globally, contributing to a positive impact on individuals' lives.

Tom Hemmer Chairman of the Board

Tom Hemmer is our Chairman of the Board while continuing as a director and advisor to Sunbelt-Solomon Solutions. Previously, Tom served as President and CEO of Solomon Corporation following a private equity investment in 2013 by Oaktree Capital. Prior to his business success of the family owned business, Tom spent 11 years on Capitol Hill, first on the staff of Pat Roberts as a legislative assistant handling agriculture issues and later as Chief of Staff for Congressman Jerry Moran (KS-1). Tom graduated with honors in 1989 with a degree in economics. Tom is very active in his community and various organizations that include the Salina Chamber of Commerce, the Coronado area council of Boy Scouts, Salina Regional Health Foundation and the Kansas FFA foundation. His commitment to community engagement and leadership roles further demonstrates his dedication to making a positive impact beyond his professional endeavors.