Tribute to Steve

Stephen Angelini, an Inspirational Figure in the WaverBed Story

"Steve's journey was shaped by the echoes of war his parents witnessed in Europe. Determined to secure a successful and practical path for their only son, they instilled in him values that transcended the challenges of their time. While pursuing a full-time career in music seemed inconceivable from a practical standpoint, it resonated deeply within Steve's soul and blood.

His musical journey commenced with Salamaca, where he played keyboards for a small group specializing in Argentinean dancing. Together, they toured across Canada, captivating audiences at Children's Festivals and various venues.

In the vibrant city of Montreal, Steve contributed his talent to 'La Maison Hantée,' an iconic Haunted House Restaurant. Here, he not only entertained but also crafted and produced sound effects for the actors who engaged with the customers.

As a dedicated educator, Steve shared his knowledge at Trebas Institute, offering classes in music, film, business, technology, and management programs. His expertise extended to the realm of video games, where he worked for Digital Fiction and UBI Soft gaming companies, contributing as a composer, sound designer, and audio director.

Fateful was the meeting with Gilbert Bouchard, owner of GSS Lab. Their collaboration on the music for NeuroSpa marked a significant chapter in Steve's career. Blending his excellent knowledge of science with music, Steve found his element, using his creativity to compose sweet and beautiful music for a greater purpose.

Steve was not only a maestro in music but also a trilingual individual, fluent in English, French, and Italian. A poet and songwriter in his own right, he brought his wit and humor to every conversation, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to know him. In celebrating his life and work, we pay homage to a remarkable individual who brought harmony, creativity, and joy to the world."